Conditions Of Warranty

Colcoil, a division of Colcab (Pty) Ltd Conditions of Warranty

Colcoil products are warranted to be free from defect in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of twelve months. Unless otherwise indicated this warranty is valid for the twelve month period starting from the original shipping date.

The warranty shall not apply to any loss of refrigerant or fluid, damage to system components, sales or profits derived from any Colcoil product due to failure for any reason.

The warranty is of no force and effect unless the purchaser:
(i) uses the equipment in accordance with the company’s instructions and under normal use and service conditions.
(ii) advises the company within fourteen (14) days of any defect or malfunction.
(iii) the purchaser provides documentary evidence of the equipment being serviced and cleaned on a regular basis.

The company’s liability is limited:
(i) to equipment supplied within the Republic and adjoining territories
(ii) to the replacement of defective parts only.

The company liability in respect of any damages whether direct, consequential or indirect is specifically excluded. The purchaser will be liable for:
(i) costs of labour and transport
(ii) any removal and installation charges.

The company’s warranty does not extend to:
(i) damage from ordinary wear and tear, faulty or careless handling, improper building, unsuitable operating materials, chemical or electrical effects or is put to use other than that normally recommended by the company
(ii) equipment which is altered or assembled in any other way which in the opinion of the company affects the performance, stability or purpose for which it is manufactured
(iii) any equipment or any part which is damaged by fire, flood, act of God, or any original model or serial number plate which has been altered, defaced or removed
(iv) thermometers, filter dryers, in line equipment, compressors, control valves, tubes, expansion valves and probes.
(v) the insertion or leakage of gas and /or refrigerant shall be the responsibility of the installation contractor and that the company will not be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from, or in any way related to, any leakage of gas and/or refrigerant, from the time pressure in the coil is released prior to installation.
(vi) transport, offloading and installation of heat exchangers
(vii) any repairs or replacements made without the written consent of Colcoil
(viii) any product or part thereof made to the purchaser’s design.

This warranty vests solely in the original purchaser and is not transferable, unless disclosed to the company at the time of purchase, and is in substitution for any other guarantee or warranty express or implied.

• Warranty claims must be submitted to Colcoil no more than seven (7) days after the warranty repair was completed or the defective part was replaced.
• Claims must be submitted in writing.
• The correct model and serial number of the equipment must be provided.
• The commissioning date of the equipment must be provided as well as the start up date of the equipment.
• The date the repair was performed and completed must be provided.
• The faulty part must be returned to the factory before payment will be made, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
• Any claim made by a party other than the purchaser must be authorized in writing by the purchaser.
• When submitting a warranty claim for replacement parts the following additional information must be supplied:

– Full name and address of company ordering the parts.
– Name of the person ordering the parts.
– Description of items needed (where possible part number).
– Colour where applicable.
– Complete shipping address.
– Requested mode of transport and transporter.

Under no circumstances whatsoever shall the Company be liable for any consequential loss of whatsoever nature, howsoever arising.

The Company does not warrant or represent that any goods supplied by it are fit for any particular purpose and the purchaser must use and rely on his own judgment as to their fitness for the purpose intended.

If equipment is shipped from the factory with components missing, the Colcoil sales person must be contacted to rectify the shortage. Shortages must be reported upon receipt of equipment. Shipments must be inspected upon receipt to ensure the correct number of items are received. Once the delivery note is signed, the customer acknowledges that all items were received.

Any claim for shipment shortage more than seven (7) days after receipt will be subject to change.


Colcoil manufactures tube and fin heat exchangers. The product range includes evaporator coils, condensers, steam coils, water/glycol coils, and any other tube and fin application. The product range also includes blowers, blast freezers and chillers, and any other bespoke assembly.


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