We manufacture DX evaporator units for any application. We have a wide range of standard products that cover a massive range of capacities and configurations but, if a suitable standard product isn’t available, we will design and build one that does in record time. Any casing material and various fin options are available. We offer standard electrical defrost but, we can also provide for hot gas defrost, reverse cycle or water defrost systems in areas where electricity supply might be prohibitive. We also offer assistance with heat load requirements and room design.

Our standard products include a range of evaporators and condensers.


CSB Range - Standard Configuration Blower units


The CSB range of standard configuration blower units was aesthetically designed with recessed electrical enclosures and stylish standard stainless steel finish suitable for the modern, minimalistic appearance required by premium retailers. Various options are available such as top and rear entry, side, bottom centre or rear centre drains and numerous enclosure materials and colours. Defrost elements are easily replaceable and no clumsy drain pan heaters are required. These units are fitted with external rotor motor fans as standard.

CAB Range - Angular Blowers


The CAB range of angular blowers was aesthetically designed with a low silhouette to maximise packing height. These high performance blowers come standard with rifle bore tubing and centre drains. Top and rear entry designs are available and draw through or blow through configurations can be specified. All units except CAB25 are fitted with standard external rotor motor fans.

Dual Discharge Blowers


The CDB range of dual discharge blowers are robustly designed with a low profile and stylish design. Stainless steel casings are standard but various powder coated colours are available with galvanised steel casings as well. Only external rotor motor fans are used and elements are easily replaceable. All Colcoil blowers can be dressed at the factory upon request. All Colcoil blowers have floating coils and no pressurised tubes are exposed to wear due to bearing weight.

Bespoke Evaporator Units


Colcoil prides itself for the amount of customisation it can offer its customers. Colcoil is quite successful in designing and manufacturing custom evaporator units specifically for any application such as fresh produce pull down rooms where humidity control is of utmost importance. Large face areas can be accommodated with the best choice of fans for the specific room to optimise air flow and minimise pull down time. We offer expert advice for such applications to yield robust and reliable performance.

We manufacture a complete range of both remote condensers and simplex condenser bases. Condensers can be customised for any footprint to suit customer requirements and are available in vertical, horizontal discharge and V-configurations. Materials available are copper tubing with copper or aluminium fins as well as polymer coated aluminium fins for improved corrosion resistance. Casings are available in powder coated galvanised steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Any colour can be specified and customer branding is also available.

The standard ranges are as follows:



Y-VAC Range- vertical discharge remote condencers


The Y-VAC range of vertical discharge remote condensers vary in capacity from approximately 120kW to 730kW at 15K TD. A variety of fin materials are available and standard casings are powder coated galvanised steel but, stainless steel casings can be specified for the specific environment. Each unit is wired to a single terminal box. The range is available in plain and rifle bore. Various options are available to customise the product perfectly for the customer’s requirements. These units are supplied standard with coil face screens.

VAC Range - V shaped condensers


The VAC range of V-shape condensers vary in capacity from 75kW to 730kW and are available in various colours of galvanised steel or stainless steel on special request. The units can be wired to customer requirements and various fan options are also available for optimised performance, cost or sound attenuation. Fan screens and welded frames are available as an extra cost option.

CCV - Vertical & Horizontal discharge remote condensers


The CCV range of vertical and horizontal discharge remote condensers vary in capacity from approximately 20kW to 540kW at 15K TD. A variety of fin materials are available and casings are powder coated galvanised steel. Various fan options are available and special mounting feet can be designed and built for specific discharge heights.




The CHC range of condenser bases are fitted standard with external rotor motor fans and ready fitted with receivers. The units can also be fully built up at the factory upon request. The elegant design is robust and emphasises easy access for maintenance while obscuring copper components to prevent theft.

LH & LD Condenser bases

LH and LD

Colcoil still offers the tried and tested Yucon range of LH and LD condenser bases with enhanced, sturdier design for improved longevity and ease of handling. We also refurbish old LH and LD units upon request.