CAB 30-Series Angular Blower Coils

The CAB30 range of angular low profile blower coils was designed for high and medium temperature applications. This is a brand new development making use of the latest manufacturing technology and materials. Special attention was given to ease of installation and access to components for maintenance in confined spaces.

Features and Benefits

• Standard low profile design for optimal space utilisation.
• External rotor AC motor fans are offered as standard across the range for improved efficiency
• Standard copper tubing is ⅜” rifle bore for high to low temp applications.
• Standard aluminium fins offer best value efficiency
• The standard housing is constructed from White powder coated galvanise steel which offers a high-quality and easy to clean finish. The housing includes hinged and removable doors on either end, enabling easy access for installation and servicing purposes.
• Heater elements are fitted on medium temp units and are easily accessible from beneath the coil for ease of maintenance. The elements are wired to a thermo disc. All wiring terminates in a neat flush-mounted junction box.
• Provision has been made to configure the unit to suit each installation in terms of position of incoming power connection, drain pipe connection and refrigerant lines.
• New and improved hanging brackets enable flush ceiling mounting with minimum effort for reduced installation time and superior cold space hygiene.

Optional Features

• Heater elements are available on high temp units for special air quality requirements in applications such as de-greening rooms.
• Copper and PU coated aluminium fin material is optional as well as various coatings such as Polyshure, Blygold, Bluechem etc. for enhanced corrosion protection to suit any application.
• The Premium 430 brushed stainless steel with clear powder coated cases is available on request. Offering a high-quality and easy to clean finish.