CCV 40 – Modular Remote Condenser

The CCV (vertical) or CCH (horizontal) range of vertical and horizontal discharge remote condensers vary in capacity from approximately 5kW to 530kW at 15K TD. A variety of fin materials are available and casings are powder coated galvanised steel. Each unit is wired to a single terminal box.

Features & Benefits

• The CCV / CCH range offers a vertical or horizontal discharge configuration with high power density (kW/m²) which offers options for most rooftop spaces. The vertical discharge reduces interference from nearby rooftop obstructions and provides landlords, consultants, contractors and end users the best overall solution to get the maximum performance.
• It has a capacity range starting at 5kW THR, with a maximum capacity of 540kW (at 15K TD).
• Internally grooved copper tubing, aluminium fins & low maintenance powder coated finish offer best value efficiency with a variety of optional extras to customize to client requirements.
• Suitable for standard refrigerant gases and replacement gases such as R404A, R507, R407F etc.
• The housing and cover plates are made of powder-coated galvanised sheet metal to provide added corrosion protection.
• Various length options for mounting legs available.
• Design optimised for rigging purposes, and the units are suitable for transportation by truck.
• The CCV or CCH range utilises 350, 400, 500, 630 and 800mm fan sizes with a selection of fixed speeds (AC motors) or variable speeds (EC motors).
• AC fans are standard but, EC fans are optional permitting variable fan speed control, which will result in significantly reduced energy consumption, especially during off-peak periods.
• These units can also be used as dry coolers and can be customised to suit specific applications according to client’s requirements.

Optional Features

These optional features are available to enhance performance, extend the operational lifetime of the product and save both energy & money.
• Copper fin (Anti corrosive), Polymer coated fin (Anti corrosive & Hydrophilic), various anti-corrosive coatings (Blygold, Bluchem etc.) are available on request.
• EC fans.
• Sound Attenuators & Air straighteners.
• 430, 304 & 316 Stainless steel construction are offered as options for added protection against corrosion to suit most conditions and any climate.
• 1/2” plain bore heavy wall Copper tubing is available on request
• Energy & Noise Reduction Options:
o Energy & noise reduction is possible with the optional AxiTop diffuser from EBM, with the following benefits:
– – 7,2dB(A) noise reduction; 27% less energy consumption at same air volume, or 9% increased air volume at same energy consumption.
o Further noise reduction is possible by adding the FlowGrid from EBM on the fan inlet side.